Balls trimmer


If you’re going to shave your balls, do it right. Get the Chairman and start to enjoy trimming your sack.

We are confident that every man wishes he bought this balls trimmer earlier!

Finally the right tool
for the job

Stop using scissors, beard trimmers or even flamethrowers. The Chairman is the only trimmer specifically made for all your below-the-waist trimming.


Made to cut hair not balls

Our SAFESHAVE™ soft ceramic blades are made to go gentle on your sensitive parts and thereby reducing the chance of you cutting your balls.


Designed to make trimming your balls hassle-free. The Chairman is easy-to-use and effective in maintaining a a smooth below-the-waist area.

Our balls have never been more smooth.

Women prefer
trimmed balls

“Personally I can’t stand when it’s all shaved, just a trim is nice.” –

Roughly two-thirds of all women prefer trimmed over completely bare balls.


How to use
the chairman

After fully charging your trimmer, gently place the silver side of the blade flat against your skin with the soft ceramic side up. Get your to-be-trimmed surface as flat and taut as possible and go with the grain.

Frequently asked questions

Babies have completely bald balls, we are men. That’s why The Chairman will leave less than 1mm of stubble behind. Just the way two-thirds of all women prefer.

Yup, The Chairman is waterproof and shock-resistant, making it ideal for wet and dry shaving.

You definitely could, but we prefer to keep our upper and below shaving-tools separate. 

Yes it does. You can plug it in an EU socket or charge it with an USB charger. Whatever floats your boat. When charging, the light on the trimmer will flash red and will stop flashing once charged.

Yes sir. We recommend you change your blades every 6 months for optimum performance and hygiene. We will notify you in advance via mail. Changing the blades is as easy as … trimming your balls with The Chairman.