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Shaving and trimming your armpits in 5 simple steps

oksels scheren

Our readers have spoken, and the verdict is in: Should guys shave their armpits? Well, the answer’s a resounding “Yes,” at least on certain occasions.

Out of the 794 surveyed men, a whopping 64 percent admitted to either trimming or shaving their underarm hair. 51 percent confessed it’s all about the looks, while 13 percent admitted they’re in it for the sports.

Alright, loud and clear. Hair’s alright, but let’s make sure it’s tidy, shall we?

To lend a helping hand, we’ve written a foolproof guide for you: how to shave your manly armpits in 5 simple steps.

1. Trim that underarm hair first

If you’ve never ventured into the world of arm pit shaving, chances are you’ll need to tidy things up first with a manly body groomer. Trust us; it makes the whole shaving hassle far more comfortable.

And here’s a nugget of wisdom—do it in the shower. Because seriously, nothing’s worse than a clogged drain full of what used to be on your body.

Trimming your pits first means getting rid of those major chunks of hair, making it a walk in the park for the razor.

After the trimming job, take a good look in the mirror.

Lots of men prefer a trimmed look; it keeps the masculinity but also gives you a refreshing and clean look.

Optional: On the hunt for an all-in-one trimmer? Check out our Chairman trimmer. It’s got the moves and the SafeShave technology to handle your sensitive armpits.

De Chairman
Trim je schaamhaar zonder zorgen
De manier om je schaamhaar sneller, makkelijker en veiliger te trimmen.
Jaap D.

Het scheerapparaat en de meisjes werken heel erg goed, dit is de eerste keer dat mijn ballen heel blijven en niet kapot gaan. Dit apparaat is top, ben er blij mee, mesjes zijn top.

Eric V.
Ik ben er heel erg blij mee. Ik heb meerdere apparaten geprobeerd en het was altijd moeite. Met de chairman ben ik heel snel klaar en zonder bloed.
Koen H.
Zacht voor de huid, veilig in gebruik, een aanrader

2. Exfoliate those underarms before the shave

If you’re feeling all fancy and want to do it right, you could give your underarms a little exfoliation.

Now, we’re not talking about going full-on scrub mode, but a little scrub could save you from those nasty ingrown hairs.

A scrub does the trick. By kicking out dead skin cells and bacteria (plus any remnants of your favorite deodorant) you set yourself up for a great shave. Smooth shave ahead without the irritation, pal.

Think of it as an added bonus step. No scrub around or simply not feeling it? No big deal. You can totally do without this step and still get your pits sleek and smooth.

3. Wet shave those pits in the shower

Trimming and snipping can be done dry, but get your shave on in the shower.

Warm water gives those hairs a little softening action and decreases the odds of cuts or nicks.

Save the shaving for the tail end of your shower party and lather up with some shaving gel to dodge any irritation.

No need to rush; the first shave might feel a tad awkward ’cause, well, you’re in quite the unusual position.

So, take your sweet time. Mess? Nah.

With a good prep trim, you won’t be fretting over a clogged shower drain.

Just rinse away the remnants of your mane.

4. Slow and steady with a good razor

This isn’t a speed race.

To dodge any skin drama, take it slow for the best grooming results.

Armpit hair grows every which way, so shave side-to-side and top-to-bottom.

Ditch the old rusty razor and go for the sharp one with a head that dances to the curves of your pits.

Your shave will be smoother than a jazz tune this way.

A sharp blade means no constant re-shaving.

It snags those hairs right from the get-go.

5. Post-shave TLC with an aftershave balm

Itchy armpits after shaving is almost inevitable. That being said, you can reduce the burn and irritation by following the right steps.

After the shaving gig, slap on an unscented aftershave balm (No alcohol, please; those pits are sensitive souls).

Give it a good two-minute wait and slather on some moisturising cream or lotion.

A good lotion not only tackles irritation but also feels downright awesome.

Proper post-shave care seals the deal and lets your pits kick back and relax.

Those ingrown hairs? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Take this step seriously, champ, and don’t skip it.

Whether you’re on Team Trim or Team Shave for the pits, armed with the right tools and a solid prep game, you’ll nail it.

Let’s sum it up for you. Here’s your checklist for a smooth and hassle-free pit shaving experience:

  • A sharp-bladed razor with a head that moves like a pro to avoid any cuts and bruises. That way, it glides smoothly around the curves and edges of your underarms.
  • If you’re new to the shaving scene or it’s been a while, trim your hair before unleashing the razor.
  • Using a dull blade could lead to irritation, ingrown hairs, or even a bit of a bacterial party.
  • Shaving a dry skin landscape? Cue the irritation alert.

Benefits of shaving armpits?

Still not convinced of the benefits of shaving those hairy armpits? We’ll sum them up one more time, just for you.

  • Shaving your armpits reduces sweat. Yep, you read that right. Are your pits often soaked and can’t find a way to fix it? Shaving those manly armpits might just be the missing piece to the puzzle.
  • It’s the way to go for all you manly athletes. It’s no secret that hair can slow you down when swimming, running or cycling. Getting rid of your hair under your armpits can especially be beneficial for male swimmers. You know, aerodynamica and stuff.
  • You’ll smell better. All those long hairs trap the nasty smell. So what do we do to fix this? Exactly, remove them.