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Shaving Your Balls with an Electric Razor: Bad Idea.

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You are in the bathroom, look down, and you notice it is time to shave your balls again. You see your razor and you think.

What if I use my razor to shave my balls?

Everyone has probably thought about this at some point.

It sounds very appealing, but it definitely is not the best option. We will explain why.

Why you shouldn’t use an electric shaver to shave your balls

Just like while doing chores, we men use different tools at different times. By choosing the right tool we ensure the result is clean and looks good.

A shaver or beard trimmer is convenient, but it is not the right tool to use for shaving your nuts. These devices are made for facial hair and therefore work in a slightly different way.

The hairs on your testicles and your pubic hair have a different texture and are more sensitive. Therefore, you cannot just use any razor for your balls, and expect it to go well.

First of all, the blades are sharp and do not take into account the sensitive skin of your ball sack, increasing the chance of cuts significantly.

Second, most shavers are rather big. If you want to remove all the hair on and near your balls, you need something smaller so you can reach the difficult spots as well.

Finally, regular shavers are not made to shave the pubic area, and as far as hygiene is concerned it is not recommended. It is not very hygienic to shave your balls while taking a shower first and to use the shaver for your face after.

Shaving should make you feel fresh and clean. If you use the same shaver for your pubic hair, armpits, and face, you will want to jump right back into the shower.

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Trim your balls with the right tool

For every chore, the right tool, remember?

If you want a groomed pair of balls, choose the Chairman.

The Chairman is a trimmer that is specifically designed to trim your balls and pubic hair. Simply put, it is a shaver specifically for your balls.

But, why would you choose the Chairman? Well, there are plenty of reasons for that:

  • SAFESHAVE ceramic blades. The Chairman is equipped with ceramic blades with SAFESHAVE technology. These blades are designed specifically to remove hair in sensitive areas, smoothly and safely. Cuts and irritation as a result of shaving are history thanks to the Chairman.
  • The design. Everything has been thought of while designing the Chairman. The trimmer is small and maneuverable, ensuring you can reach all the difficult spots. The Chairman is comfortable to hold since it is equipped with an anti-slip layer.
  • Waterproof. The Chairman is completely waterproof. You can use it in the shower so you can shave your ball sack in peace. That makes it a lot more comfortable.


You can try shaving your balls with a shaver, but there are a lot of risks involved. Chances of getting cuts are significantly higher because the device simply is not designed to shave the surface of your ball sack.

Choose the safe option with The Chairman, and give your balls the care they deserve!