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A Gentle Powerwash for Your Face

The scrub

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Get rid of old skin with a soothing face scrub based on nature’s finest ingredients.

Why it’s special:

  • For all male skin types
  • Keep your skin hydrated, even after washing
  • Charcoal detox for renewed skin free of acne
  • Shed dead skin with natural scrubbing particles
  • With a subtle signature scent


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Banish itchy, flaky skin for good

Achieve noticeable, healthy-looking skin.

The best skin thanks to powerhouse ingredients

Apple Acids

Healthy Looking & Smoother SKIN

Rid yourself of rough, dull skin. Apple acids gently remove dead skin cells for a smoother, healthier-looking face.

Bamboo Charcoal

Defense against Acne & Impurities

Say goodbye to acne and bad skin. This natural solution will keep your skin oil-free and clean like never before.
Botanical Jojoba Esters

your skin

Decreases fine lines and wrinkles and reveals a new layer of healthy skin

Get a great
looking skin

For a healthy looking & smoother face.
Defence against acne & impurities

Gentle scrub revealing a new layer of healthy skin.

Know what
is inside

At Balls Club, we take pride in what’s inside. We spare no hardships to put together only the best performing formulas that benefit your health.

Applying is a breeze

It takes just a minute to make your skin feel fresh every day.
Make this a part of your shower routine.
Wet your face, and work a pea-sized amount of Scrub into a lather.
Massage it onto your face, wash the foam off with warm water, and follow up with a moisturizer like our Daykeeper.
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and save

Face Moisturizer: Protects your skin from early aging and air pollution by keeping it hydrated and free of irritations.

Face Scrub: Do away with oil, dead skin, and other face impurities. Your face retains its smooth, soft touch with this gentle power wash.

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Our light, non-greasy formulas contain top-shelf ingredients to revitalize your skin. In the unlikely case that you are somehow not 100 % satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money back within 30 days—no questions asked.

Frequently asked questions

Since our organic scrubbing materials are gentle to the skin, we recommend 2 – 3 a week.

Like with most things in life, a healthy balance is key. Exfoliating your skin every day would remove essential natural oils, which keep your skin intact and prevent irritation.

Increase the level of your skin’s hydration! Dry your skin and apply a moisturizer like our Daykeeper to maintain a well-hydrated skin throughout.

Scrubbing your face is highly underrated; it improves skin tone and texture by removing dead skin cells, dirt, and oil build-up that make your skin feel limp and dry. It frees your pores, prevents ingrown hairs, and increases blood which helps with spots and scars and fighting signs of aging. 

Yes, that too. We use natural active bamboo charcoal and other natural extracts that eliminate acne specifically.
We have designed our mild formulas at an optimal pH level to suit all skin types, including sensitive ones.

Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder
Removes odors and impurities. Reduces greasy skin and cleans pores thoroughly.

Old Skin Shedding Apple Acids
Promotes healthier-looking and smoother-feeling skin.

Purified Reverse Osmosis Water
Stay clear of chemicals, minerals, or other
harmful elements that lead to skin damage and early aging.

EDTA Certified Chelator.
Attracts and eliminates toxic metals from air pollution.

Plant-Made Moisturizer
Vitalizes dry and tired skin by binding water to the skin like a magnet.

Skin Hydrating Glycerine
Another fantastic moisturizer that grabs water and holds it to your skin.

Broad pH Compatible Thickener
Ideal for soaps with botanical extracts.

Biodegradable Surface-Active Agent
It makes for a very mild cleanser that protects the natural skin barrier.

Antimicrobial Preservative
Protects against bacteria, yeast, and molds.

pH 5,0-5,5 level for all skin types, especially sensitive ones.

Self-Regulating Anti-Acne Moisturizer
Balances sebum and acne on the skin.

Hydrated Silica Rough Peeling Grain
An organic skin shedding and regenerating agent. Smoothens the skin and provides an immediate glow.

Gentle Peeling Beads
Provides gentle and effective skin shedding.

Complete ingredient names: EDTA NA2, Carbopol Ultrez 30 Polymer, Glycerin PH, Xantham gum, Charcoal-C Powder 200, PROTEOL™ APL EF, EUXYL PE 9010, Symclariol, Pentavitin, ABS apple AHA’s, Silicami 200/500, Florabeads jojoba white 60/100, Perfum, includes Parabens