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Itchy Balls After Shaving: A Guide to Fix It

Itchy Balls After Shaving

For most men shaving their balls or removing their pubic hair is not their favorite activity.

Shaving sucks, and not to mention the irritation and itching that comes with it, later.

No one deserves to walk around with an itching scrotum. For this reason, Balls Club looked at the different solutions to prevent or reduce this issue.

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How to shave your scrotum without itching.

Of course, we cannot stop you if you firmly believe shaving your balls is the best option, but we can give you some tips on how to prevent irritation during the different steps of the shaving process.

Preparatory work

Before you start shaving there is something you can do to prevent irritation and to make the shaving process go smoother. All you need is a washcloth and warm water.

Make sure the washcloth is nice and warm. The warmer the water, the better. Then, place the washcloth on the ball sack or the spot you want to shave.

The heat will open up the pores, and the rough skin will become much softer.

When these pores are open, your hair will be less resistant, and it will be easier to let the razor slide over your skin.

While shaving

It is important to really take the time to shave yourself and your 2 big friends.

Most accidents happen by rushing it, and your skin will suffer from irritation sooner.

Use shaving cream, and apply it to the spots you are about to shave. Then, make short movements and do not press too hard on the razor.

Let the blade slide over your skin without putting pressure on it.


What to do if your balls itch after shaving? Do not forget to take care of your skin after shaving.

This is just as important as the other steps are. After shaving your skin is upset, so it is important to hydrate it well.

Use a hydrating lotion. Aftershave is not recommended for these sensitive spots. You probably know why.

How to prevent itchy balls

You can prevent irritation and itching while shaving, but you can also get rid of it completely.

Since this is the best possible scenario, we will first have a look at how you can get rid of irritation completely.

It is quite simple, actually. Quit shaving.

The blade is the reason why you experience irritation and itching after shaving.

The extremely sharp blades move over the same spot several times, causing friction. All this friction can irritate the skin.

You probably recognize this from when you shave your beard. You get red bumps on your skin, or it starts itching.

Your facial skin, however, is often a bit firmer and can handle more than your balls and pubic area. The latter is a lot more sensitive.

Besides friction causing irritation, you also risk inflamed hair follicles.

There is a higher risk of inflammation because the hair is being shaven off so close to the skin.

If you completely want to get rid of skin rash after shaving you can choose to trim your hair.

The results are excellent, women like it better, and you will never experience itching again.

You can trim your balls using Balls Club’s Chairman trimmer, which is specially designed to trim your balls and pubic area.

The solution: get the Chairman

No itching and no irritation after shaving sounds a lot more appealing, right? We think so too. The Chairman has partially been designed for this reason.

No one wants to fumble with a razor constantly, and then walk around with an itchy ball sack.

If you trim your ball sack and pubic hair there will be close to no friction on the skin. Because there is no friction the skin will not get itchy or inflamed anymore.

If you use the trimmer in the right way, you will never suffer from cuts ever again.

The Chairman is equipped with the SAFESHAVE technology, which is perfect for shaving sensitive spots.

Still have some questions about those itchy balls? No worries, we tried to cover them all.

Why do my balls itch after shaving?

Good question. The most common reason would be a terrible shaving job. Shaving irritates the skin and can cause all kinds of nasty stuff like ingrown hairs. However, there are plenty of other reasons that could be the cause of your itchy balls, like STDs.

Should I scratch my balls if they itch?

A tiny scratch could work, but if they’re really starting to itch, your best chance is to not touch them at all. The skin of your balls is extremely sensitive. When it’s irritated, scratching could make the itchy feeling even worse. Trust us, it’s a negative cycle that won’t stop anytime soon.

How can I hydrate my balls?

With a hydrating lotion like our Freshman. Give your balls a well deserved break and apply some soothing lotion. You will experience instant relief when your balls are itchy.