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How to shave your butt hair: The ultimate foolproof guide

shaving butt hair

It’s not the most glamorous topic, but it’s an important one: trimming your rear hair.

You’ve probably mastered the art of grooming various body parts and your face, but the rear end often remains a bit of a puzzle. After all, how do you manage to trim something you can’t easily see?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through step-by-step on how to effortlessly trim your butt hair.

Why do we have butt hair?

The hair between and around our buttocks serves a purpose.

It plays the same role as the hair under our arms.

Both areas are prone to sweat and bacteria, and having an extra layer of hair provides added protection.

That’s also a very common reason for men to shave their armpits.

But, in today’s world, rear hair isn’t exactly a must-have.

If you take good care of yourself, you can easily skip sporting that furry coat on your buttocks.

How to trim your ass hair?

For successful results, taking it step by step is crucial. While shaving various parts of your body is usually straightforward, tending to your buttocks requires a bit more attention.

Step 1: Shower & Cleanse

To ensure a smooth shave, cleanliness is key.

Fully cleanse your body in the shower and thoroughly dry yourself afterward.

A warm shower or bath works wonders—softening the hair and prepping your skin for the razor.

Be sure to use a clean towel; using a used one might harbor bacteria.

Step 2: Clean and Disinfect Your Trimming Tools

Always opt for a new and sharp trimmer.

In case you’re using an older trimmer, ensure it’s free of any dirt or bacteria.

To clear the hair stuck between the blades, rinse the trimmer under running water and gently tap it on the sink.

For an added layer of hygiene, pour a bit of alcohol over the blades to eliminate bacteria.

Your buttocks are sensitive spots, and issues like ingrown or inflamed hair follicles here can be quite a bother.

A little extra care here is a smart move.

Step 3: Trim the Hair

If your rear hair is on the longer side, trimming it before you begin shaving is essential.

A clogged trimmer can lead to a painful ordeal as the hair gets tangled up.

While a regular electric shaver might suffice for most parts, for trimming your buttocks, you’ll need a razor and a trimmer to get the job done efficiently.


Our Chairman is a fantastic body groomer for removing hair around the buttocks, but it’s a tad too large for the crevice.

For this specific area, your razor comes in handy, but remember, don’t let the hair grow too long.

De Chairman
Trim je schaamhaar zonder zorgen
De manier om je schaamhaar sneller, makkelijker en veiliger te trimmen.
Jaap D.

Het scheerapparaat en de meisjes werken heel erg goed, dit is de eerste keer dat mijn ballen heel blijven en niet kapot gaan. Dit apparaat is top, ben er blij mee, mesjes zijn top.

Eric V.
Ik ben er heel erg blij mee. Ik heb meerdere apparaten geprobeerd en het was altijd moeite. Met de chairman ben ik heel snel klaar en zonder bloed.
Koen H.
Zacht voor de huid, veilig in gebruik, een aanrader

Step 4: Apply Shaving Gel or Cream

Squeeze a small amount of shaving gel into your palm, add some water, and lather it onto your buttocks.

Start with one side first.

Why just one side, you ask? It’s easier to separate them without your hands slipping—trust us, it makes shaving much simpler.

Step 5: Trim or Shave

Wet your razor with cold water and begin the hair removal process on your buttocks.

If you’re using only a trimmer, commence trimming directly.

For a sleek finish, shave against the direction of hair growth.

If you’re prone to skin irritation, consider shaving with the hair growth.

Ideally, stand facing the mirror in your bathroom, buttocks toward the mirror.

This positioning makes it easier to see what you’re doing without straining your back.

Remember, let the razor do most of the work—there’s no need to exert too much pressure.

Regularly rinse the blade in cold water (it reduces irritation) to clear hair from the blades.

This also helps with preventing ingrown hairs around your pubic area and bum.

Step 6: Trimming the Crevice

Shaving between your buttocks is the trickiest part due to limited visibility.

A hand mirror comes in handy for this step.

Once you’ve shaved your buttocks, it’s time to tackle the hair between your cheeks.

For effective trimming, lay a hand mirror on the floor, facing upwards.

Squat over the mirror and start the grooming process.

Waxing your butt hair

Waxing pulls out the hair from its root, keeping you hair-free for an extended period—usually around two to four weeks.

Home waxing can be challenging, especially for beginners.

For best results, it’s advisable to visit a professional for waxing your butt hair.

If you’re set on doing it yourself, here’s a recommended approach:

  1. Take a warm shower or bath.
  2. Ensure the hair is at least half a centimeter long. For longer hair, gently trim it with our Chairman.
  3. Apply natural wax to the appropriate areas.
  4. Carefully place the wax strip on the wax.
  5. Allow the wax to harden for a few seconds.
  6. Hold the skin taut with one hand and swiftly pull the wax strip to remove the hair.

Hair removal cream? No thanks

Avoid using hair removal creams in your intimate areas due to the risk of burns or severe allergic reactions.

Shaving is the safest choice!

Hair removal cream for your balls is a big no go, but the butt area is a bit different. A lot of ladies actually prefer waxing or hair removal over shaving.

It gives the most ‘clean’ result.

Laser hair removal for your buttocks

Opting for laser hair removal on your buttocks is also a viable option! Laser beams vaporize the hair follicles.

Although not permanent, this treatment reduces hair growth.

The duration of each session depends on the area to be treated.

Achieving desired results might require multiple sessions, which can add up in cost.

While laser removal is termed permanent, the results usually last for several months to years, often needing follow-up treatments.

Expect some discomfort and irritation for a few days after the treatment, particularly in sensitive areas.

Professional clinics provide manageable experiences during laser treatments.